Things prohibited in the state of Ihram

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Before completing the rituals of Hajj and Umrah pilgrim should enter a sacred state called Ihram. Ihram implies the plain white garments that pilgrims wear during Hajj or Umrah. At the point when people perform Hajj, they should enter the state of Ihram. There are a bunch of rules that Muslim people are commanded to follow as the rituals of Pilgrimage.

Examine the following points that travelers are prohibited from.

To use fragrance
When you enter the state of Ihram, you cannot utilize scent or even soap or shampoo on the off chance that it contains aroma. However, you can bring perfume with you which is not sinful. It is accounted for that Lady Aisha (R.A) used to apply fragrance for the Prophet (PBUH) before he entered the activities of Hajj and after he finished them. You can carry a rose before entering the state of Ihram. However, you cannot smell the rose and let it contact your nose.

For the lady to cover her face or wear gloves
Ladies are forbidden to cover their face with whatever contacts their skin. Yet, on the off chance that you can cover your face with whatever does not contact your skin, it is anything prohibited act. Ladies are also disallowed from wearing gloves.

For the man to cover his head
The demonstration of covering your head or a piece of your head is prohibited during Hajj for men with anything that is considered as a cover, under the standards. Holding an umbrella or wearing a slim band on the head does not mean cover for the head.

For the man to wear garments that are intended to wrap the body
Men are forbidden to wear garments that are sewn for folding around the body. You cannot wear shoes that are sewn to fit the feet. Hence, it is ordered for men to wear shoes that uncover their toes and the back of their feet.

Removing the fingernails, toenails, or hair
It is denied cutting one's fingernails and toenails. You cannot cut your hair by pulling or trimming them out or something else. Falling hair is not a forbidden act if it is natural hair fall and not a result of one's conscious activities.

Hunting of an edible, wild, land creature
You cannot hunt the edible, wildland creature in the state of Ihram. However, you can get marine life and even murder destructive creatures like a scorpion, snake, and such.

Physical closeness or its inviting activities
At the point when you enter the state of Ihram, it is disallowed for you to have actual closeness with your mate or play out its inviting activities. On the off chance that a man is in Ihram and his better half is not, it is illegal for the spouse to empower her husband towards actual closeness with her or any of its inviting activities. The lustful look is also sinful.

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